Believe in Bradford: Our Vision, Our Values

Believe in Bradford: Our Vision, Our Values

Our Vision Our Values Our Future

This fast paced conference will give pupils the opportunity to develop confidence and communication skills as they spend a day in dialogue about identity, values, commitments and beliefs. Using a successful and well established peer education model staff and pupils will be equipped to bring to their schools methods to explore British values in the context of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Gifted and talented pupils in years 5 and 6 work in conjunction with pupils from key stage 3. The conference operates on a model of 8 primary schools bringing 6 pupils each and 2 secondary schools bringing 12 pupils each. All groups must be accompanied by at least one member of staff who will be responsible for the well-being of their pupils during the day. They will be expected to participate in the activities.

Conference leaders

The conference is led by members of the Diversity and Cohesion Service Interfaith Education Centre team. The day of dialogue, debate, creativity and questioning helps to:

  • encourage pupils to learn from each other through dialogue and shared experience,
  • promote community cohesion through an understanding of shared human values,
  • promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development,
  • promote the place of excellent, open-minded RE
  • Provide an interesting and exciting experience in RE
  • develop pupils’ creative and expressive talents
Programme for the day
9.15 Arrival and
Each school is
allocated their own space to engage in starter activities designed to promote
open ended discussion around ‘big questions’.
Session 1 What do we value? Pupils discuss a range
of faith and values related questions in randomly mixed groupings. They are
encouraged to share their ideas with the conference.
Session 2 Where do our values
come from?
Pupils are allocated
to mixed age groups in which they will remain for the rest of the conference.
They will engage in activities which allow them to explore their own identity
and values and to discuss these with their peers. They will talk about the
values that they consider to be most important to society.
Lunch All participants will
require a packed lunch.
Session 3 What is our vision? Pupils will be given
time to reflect on their vision for Bradford and the values that they wish to
promote in society. These will be reflected through individual poetry or prose.
Session 4 Our vision for
Pupils will work in
collaboration to produce an artistic representation of their vision for the
people of Bradford.
Session 5 Our vision shared Art work is presented
to the conference. All participants complete an evaluation in which they
explain what they will do as a result of the conference.
14:35 Evaluations School groups
“Today I realised that its good to meet new people and the fact is that we are all the same and equal.”
“What I would change about today—nothing, it was excellent.”

£10 per pupil. Host schools free of charge.

Future House Bolling Road Bradford BD4 7EB

Friday 20th November 2015.

Previous conferences have been hosted by: Grange Technology College, Oasis Lister Park Academy, Dixons Trinity Academy and Titus Salt Secondary School.

If you would like to host a Believe in Bradford Conference please contact RE Advisor, to discuss requirements.

The programme is offered by Bradford MDC’s Diversity and Cohesion Service. All leaders have experience in education and working with young people in educational settings. Leaders have DBS checks.