The Cohesion Bradford Team

Alina Khan

Head of Diversity and Cohesion

01274 439384

Head of Diversity and Cohesion.

Geraldine Cooper

RE Agreed Syllabus or SACRE

01274 439378

For enquiries about religious education and the RE Agreed Syllabus or SACRE

Lesley Mackie


01274 439374

To place an order for resources please contact Lesley Mackie.

Interfaith Education Centre

Interfaith Education Centre

01274 437379

In 1986 the Interfaith Education Centre was established as a resource centre in response to Bradford's first multi faith agreed syllabus.

Tayyab Wahid

Apprentice Admin

01274 439375

Apprentice admin staff.

Javed Bashir

Supplementary Schools Service

01274 439385

For the Supplementary Schools Service please contact Javed Bashir