What’s on offer?

Religious Education

Meeting a real Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Jewish person makes a significant difference to pupils’ understanding and impact of religion and belief.

This can be achieved through:

• accompanied visits to a place of worship
• RE lessons in your school
• interactive workshops based around music, dance and art and food.

Collective Worship

A daily act of collective worship, as well as being a legal requirement, offers a special and important time in the school day in which pupils and staff can experience and celebrate the combination of qualities and values that create the ethos of their school.

Collective worship makes an important contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.

It also offers opportunities to develop an appreciation of shared human values and provides a vehicle through which pupils can understand and respond to local and global events.

The Interfaith Education Centre team has considerable experience in planning and leading collective worship and can provide:

• bespoke collective worship packages designed to meet the needs of your school.
• ready to deliver plans for use by your own staff.
• CPD, support and guidance to ensure effective collective worship
• resources and materials for schools to borrow to support collective worship.

SMSC and British Values

Believe in Bradford—Our Vision Our Values

An exciting day where primary and secondary pupils discuss big questions about their own beliefs and commitments and shape a vision for Bradford or their own city.

Reflective Stories

Through drama, music and art pupils explore stories from faith and culture in order to discover the importance our shared human values

Peace over conflict

Two parallel presentations, one focusing on the Abrahamic religions and second focusing on the Indian religions with induction to person of the particular faith, their belief, impact on daily life, way of living and ethical choices will be shared; interacting and encouraging pupils to ask questions to enhance their understanding of the faiths.